Ja wśród gwiazd ;-)

Me among the stars ;-)

Photography makes me act.

About how I started photographing sports ...

My name is Pawel (sometimes I use my nickname Pafka).

I never thought before, I'm into taking pictures at basketball games. This may sound strange, but I don't like sports. I'm not into soccer, races and other rivalries of 'strangers'. If they like it, let them do it. If that's how they earn a living, I have nothing to do with it.
And yet I got screwed ...

Maybe it was the wife, die-hard fan and supporter of basketball, or maybe just through the photos. It gave me a regular reason, to get the camera out of the closet and go to the game. Or travel, even to the other end of Poland.
I like what I do. I am happy to, że nie muszę tego robić tylko dla pieniędzy a mogę fotografować przede wszystkim dla frajdy... And fact, not having to deal with every team defeat allows me to focus on (I hope they get better) photo shots.

After a few years of creating photography "into the drawer" I started to publish photos on the profile of the Ślęza Wrocław Fan Club. Facebook, however, is not a creator-friendly medium. Admittedly, it gives access to an audience of recipients, but on the other hand, flooded with new content, it effectively hides the old. This is how the idea for this website was born. Z założenia ma być ona zbiorem fotorelacji - photo albums from sports events where I was with my camera. Maybe someone will want to come back to them?

I encourage you to share and allow you to copy photos. They are available under the Creative Commons Attribution License(CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 PL). In brief - do not modify and link to the source, because like any other work, photos also require effort and equipment, and nothing pleases the creator like feedback.

Full terms of use of photos

Any reason to take pictures is good..

At least for me it is!
I like visiting new and old places with my camera. I like photographing people - whether it's on the street, whether it's in the studio. Check out my Instagram with travel photos (@Zu.and.me.photography). "Zu" comes from Zuzka (Susi), my doughter's. She was motivated me to write a blog together my.zuzka.pl, which, unfortunately, is waiting in the queue to catch up on publications (even covid-lockdown did not help to ease the long queue of photos and travel reports).

I don't publish, because I take photos!

...maybe just you?

I am open to (photo)challenges. Do You have an interesting idea? Or maybe you just want to have nice photos and the idea will be interesting for me - I will gladly undertake its implementation. Na pewno się dogadamy, jest też możliwe, że zrobię to nawet bezpłatnie...
I do not photograph weddings, communion or other traditional events of this type, but who said, that a wedding must be a traditional event?
If you have an idea for a cool photo event, I would love to hear about it ...
Feel free to contact me.

Contact form

I'll take care, so that your photos do not look like from a smartphone
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